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House Schweppes Commercial in Barcelona

Hi everyone!
I came across by accident a small article on Hugh in a spanish magazine (I'm from Madrid :P)
I scanned it as best as I could. Apparently, Hugh has been in Barcelona (Spain) for three days shooting and ad for Schweppes. Hugh is said to be the new image of Schweppes tonic replacing Adrien Brody. The commercial is directed by Jaime De Laiguana. He came for business but also for pleasure; he came with his wife Jo, and they both did some sightseeing around Cataluña. I translated the article, sorry for any mistakes and for any misspelt words (I'm sure there are many :D)


TRANSLATION: (Sorry for any mistakes.I did my best...)


Hugh Laurie is a hardened smoker and loves "jamon serrano". The meanest doctor in tv came to our country to shoot a commercial.

He feels british through and through, he misses his home in London and he declares himself as a big Arsenal fan. Dr House (Hugh Laurie) came to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago with his wife, Jo Green, to shoot a commercial for the new Schweppes campaign. The commercial, which will be released in May, was filmed in "El Vendrell" (Tarragona). The shooting gave Hugh and his wife the chance to go sightseeing around the city. They became interested in Gaudi's legacy, visiting the "Sacred Family" and the "Casa Batlló". They ate a lot of "serrano" ham and the spanish traditional "pan con tumaca" [bread with tomato sauce]. Hugh was at all times by his wife's side, to which he's been married for 18 years and have 3 kids: Chralie, Will and Rebecca. They stayed at the "Hotel Arts", the same hotel chosen by Woody Allen while he was filming last summer "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".
Apart from his "commercial breaks", Hugh is filming in Los Angeles new House episodes. The series was affected by the writer's strike, which continued till February.
[The purple part] Tired of his character. The fourth season of House is doing well in Spain: ..... [boring data on house spanish audience] ..... But Hugh doesn't seem very happy about the series massive success: "I feel abandoned by my country. Since I've been playing Dr House, I haven't been offered any english roles"


I found these other three photos as well:

Looking forward for those new eps! (and the commercial as well XD)
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